May Allah grant me the patience to overcome the troubles that lie ahead of me. May He surround me with beautiful people, those whose words will encourage my language to be purified with nothing but praises of Him, only. May He distance me from those who take me away from Him.

She’s a lover, but she’ll fight for you.
She’s not jealous; she just doesn’t want to lose you.
She’s not just emotional, she’s passionate.
She’s not stupid, she just trusted you.
She’s not needy, but she deserves your attention.
She’s not insecure, but she wants you to find her attractive.
She’s not rushing things, she just doesn’t have time for games.
She’s not judgmental; she just realizes your potential.
She doesn’t have trust issues, but she hates being lied to.
She’s not “too sensitive”, but she does have feelings.
She knows she’s complicated, but she still wishes you understood.

"When a husband and wife look at each other with Love, Allah looks at both with Mercy." 

[Bukhari 6:19 & Tirmidhi 14:7]

"When a husband and wife look at each other with Love, Allah looks at both with Mercy."

[Bukhari 6:19 & Tirmidhi 14:7]

In our Sujood we proclaim سبحان ربِّيَ ألأعلى - Glory be to Allah The Most High.
We do this with our forehead pressed to the floor (a place that people just walked on) We take what we hold so proudly and take such care of and we place it on the ground.


Now as we are rising, we are proclaiming الله اكبر - Allah is GREATER.
As we are getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves that Allah is Greater. 2 seconds ago with our forehead to the ground we proclaimed: Glory be to Allah the Most High. While getting up from sujood we are reminding ourselves, it doesn’t matter how high up we get, physical, spiritual, monetary,etc.. Allah is Greater. Allah is reminding us: PUT YOURSELF IN CHECK : that floor you just raised your head from, I created you from it, and I will return you to it. So never for a second forget that Allah is Greater.

How often do we prefer what we want over what Allah swt wants us to do?(when we commit such acts, we are proclaiming with our actions: I am greater, my needs are greater.)
How can we do such a thing!
That’s what Adam a.s. and Hawwa a.s. realized when they committed that act of disobedience and Tawbah granted them the ability to get closer to Allah once again.

Our ego and arrogance is our barrier to Allah~ Hamza Tzortzis
Tawbah is a path leading back to Allah
Never Despair
Humble oneself

Your hardships and disappointments are your emptying. If you leave it there, you remain empty and only achieve the first half of Al Kalima: “La Illaha”.
Your thikr (remembrance) is your filling, and the completion of Al Kalima: “illa Allah.”
Never empty a cup without filling. Let the pain of your encounters with other than Him empty you (as Ibrahim (AS) with the star, moon and sun). Let the power of your encounter with Him fill you.

Yasmin Mogahed

Suppose you found a watch in the middle of the desert. What would you conclude? Would you think someone dropped the watch? Or would you suppose that the watch came by itself? Of course, no sane person would say the watch just happened to emerge from the sand.

All the intricate working parts could not simply develop from the metals that lay buried in the earth. The watch must have a manufacturer. If a watch tells an accurate time, we expect the manufacturer must be intelligent. Blind chance cannot produce a working watch. But what else tells accurate time? Consider the sunrise and the sunset.

Their timings are so strictly regulated that scientists can publish in advance the sunrise and sunset times in your daily newspaper, but who regulated the timings of sunrise and sunset? If a watch cannot work without an intelligent maker, how can the sun appear to rise and set with such clockwork regularity? Could this occur by itself? Consider also that we benefit from the sun only because it remains at a safe distance from the earth.

A distance that averages 93 million miles. If it gets much closer, the earth would burn up. And if it got too far away, the earth would turn into an icy planet making human life here impossible. Who decided in advance that this was the right distance? Could it just happen by chance? Without the sun, plants would not grow. Then animals and humans would starve. Did the sun just decide to be there for us? We need to experience sunrise.

We need the sun energy and its light to see our way during the day. But we also need sunset. We need a break for the heat, we need the cool of the night and we need the lights to go out so we may sleep. Who regulated this process to provide what we need?
Moreover, if we had only the warmth of the sun and the protection of the atmosphere we would want something more-beauty. Our clothes provide warmth and protection, yet we design them also to look beautiful/knowing our need for beauty, the designer of the sunrise and the sunset also made the view of them to be simply breathtaking.

The Creator who gave us light, energy, protection and beauty deserves our thanks. Yet some people insist that He does not exist. What would they think if they a watch in the desert? An accurate and working watch? A beautiful designed watch? Would they not conclude that there is a watchmaker? One who appreciates beauty? Such is God who made us.

When life gives you chickpeas, make hummus.

Omar Suleiman

This is sweet: a five year old girl asks her older brother, “what is love?”

He replies, “love is when you steal my chocolate dessert from my school lunch bag every day, yet I still keep it in the same place.”

Isn’t that sweet. So true.

Anonymous asked: Asalaamu alaykum. Hey! Thank u very much for responding to the question in depth. It is sweet of u. I am feeling better than when I first posted Alhamdulilah. Thanks for the advice. Jazaki Allahu khairan. 💜💜💜

Welikum assalam!!! Alhamdolilah that’s great to hear!! Wa iyyaki, May Allah always grant you sakinah and peace of the mind and heart. Ameen.

A husband said this to his wife: “If Jannah was a flower, I would pick it for you. If Jannah was a bird, I would catch it for you. If Jannah was a house, I’d build it for you…But since Jannah is a place no eye has ever seen, I make du’a to Allah to reserve it for you.”

May Allah help all those who have exams and make it easy for them, and make them content with whatever they receive, Ameen.

“Oh Allah! Nothing is easy except what you have made easy. If you wish, you can make the difficult easy.”

Don’t spend any precious time being emotionally dependent on others’ opinions of you. Growing up, that was me; I look back now, not seeing it as a “waste”, but rather to appreciate the sweet inner freedom that comes with the moment YOU decide that others don’t define you. The only relationship that should affect your inner state is the one you have with your Creator (subhaanahu wa ta’aala), for truly there is no reality and no truth except with Allah ♥

He separates you from those you love to show you the nature of this world. Then reunites you, to show you the nature of the next.

Yasmin Mogahed


Whenever the worship gets harder on an individual, or when there are a few worshiping Allah instead of being comfortable in their beds, the reward is higher. In the state of NJ, there are about 5 million people. How many people pray Salatul Eid? 1/2 million. Well,’re one of 1/2 million. How many pray people pray Salatul Jumaa? 1/4 million. Well, alright you’re 1/4 million, but how many people are up at 2 or 3 am to sit with Allah swt and raise their hands to make duaa or lower their heads to make sujood? How many are actually up having this intimate conversation with their Lord? 1/2 million? Nope. 1000? Nope. 100? Nope. It can possibly be 3 or 4 people out of the 5 million.
What if you were one of those people, and you sincerely repented to Him or sincerely asked Him for Jannah or just anything you want? Open your heart to Him and think of it as an intimate relationship between you and Allah swt <3

There are many pieces that make up our lives: Moments that break us. Moments that raise and shape us. Decisions we make to hold on. Or let go. People who enter our lives and leave us changed forever. The ones we love, the ones that hurt us, or heal us, or leave us. Sometimes we don’t understand these pieces—or even despair over them. It’s only when time goes by and we look back, that we suddenly can see our whole life like a perfectly designed puzzle. Don’t be afraid of the puzzle piece you’re in now. It will fit perfectly…just like the rest. How could it not? The Designer is perfect.

Yasmin Mogahed