7 do’s and do-nots while in court by Rizwan Ali

Do-Nots: 1) Going to court and hearing other people’s problems makes you realize how bad some people have it and makes you thankful and say “Allhamdulillah!”, but try not saying it loudly while in court. Probably not a good idea…probably. 2) Do not try to act ghetto, or let your ghetto side come out. 3) Do not tell the judge that “Allah is the Al-HAKAM, the Judge of ALL Judges, so you fear Him!”. He/she probably won’t like that. 4) If it’s a female judge, do not tell her that she would look better in a hijab. 5) Don’t speak in Egyptian-Arabic, this will frighten folks. 6) Remember that bribing the judge with Egyptian food won’t work (no matter how good it is) 7) Don’t talk to strangers. Do’s: 1) Say Bismillah before going in and recite the du’a for clear speech (Rabbi shrahli sadri wa yasirli ‘amri, wahlul ‘ukhdatamilee sani, yafkahu kaoli: My Rabb! Expand my chest and make my task easy for me, and remove the impediment from my speech so they may understand my speech). 2) Be confident. Confidence is key. 3) Remember that by being a Muslim woman, you will be respected because Muslim woman are not like other women, and are just awesome like that. 4) If your stomach growls loudly and decides to start making the sound of a dying whale, point at the person next to you. 5) Remember Allah is with the believers, and is closer to you than your own jugular vein. 6) Remember there’s no reason to be nervous or scared, you’re in a safe place, Allah is on your side, and so you got this. 7) Be confident (most of the times, its not what we say, but how we say it)

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