Anonymous asked: You always seem to be in a happy mood, how do you do it?

SubhanAllah you’re not the first to say this. During Islamic Awareness Week, we had a Qna session with Non-Muslims and one girl asked this question of why Muslims always seem to be happy. And I must say it’s truly a blessing and it all comes from Allah swt. Personally, whatever hardship or just anything I am going through in my life, I bring it back to Allah swt. Why? Bc in the end “inna lilahi wa inna ilayhi raji3un. ” To God we belong, and to Him we return.” I have that stamped in my heart because it’s such a powerful statement. This temporary life that were living right now is like a flame and sooner or later will extinguish. I know that if I lose something, that He will replace it with something better. I know I’m in good hands. I know I’m being taken care. Another thing is if something “bad” happens, I shouldn’t even use the word bad bc in the end it’s all khair (goodness) from Allah, ask what Allah wants from you? For example, you fail an exam, try harder studying. You lose your job, detach yourself and leave it to Him as He is the Provider, He’ll for sure replace it with a better job. When you change your way of thought and trust only Him, then indeed you will be living in true happiness. Last but not least, Allah swt blessed me with Islam, why shouldn’t I be happy?

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