SubhanAllah, imagine….

Whenever the worship gets harder on an individual, or when there are a few worshiping Allah instead of being comfortable in their beds, the reward is higher. In the state of NJ, there are about 5 million people. How many people pray Salatul Eid? 1/2 million. Well,’re one of 1/2 million. How many pray people pray Salatul Jumaa? 1/4 million. Well, alright you’re 1/4 million, but how many people are up at 2 or 3 am to sit with Allah swt and raise their hands to make duaa or lower their heads to make sujood? How many are actually up having this intimate conversation with their Lord? 1/2 million? Nope. 1000? Nope. 100? Nope. It can possibly be 3 or 4 people out of the 5 million.  

What if you were one of those people, and you sincerely repented to Him or sincerely asked Him for Jannah or just anything you want? Open your heart to Him and think of it as an intimate relationship between you and Allah swt <3

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