I can’t take my eyes off the moon

Ya Allah, subhanAllah how can I thank You for allowing me to see this profound beauty? If only we actually paid attention to the beauty of Allah’s (swt) creation all around us on a daily basis glorifying Him! We can see it everyday in the sky and appreciate it, especially tonight. Take a moment and check out the full moon, reflect  on Allah’s signs.  If the creation is this beautiful and marvelous, then imagine how it fails in comparison to the Creator, Allah (swt). Let us be people who’s hearts and minds are connected to Allah and people who use their senses to appreciate the wonders of His creation. In surat Al-Mulk, Allah says when you see the sky and His beautiful creations “Your sight will return to you in a state of humiliation and worn out” meaning there is no doubt that your eyes will come back down with a humbled heart. It feels great to connect back to nature, that makes me feel connected to the world, to Allah’s creation, and most importantly Allah (swt). And to think that same moon I’m seeing now on the beach (waves crashin, and yes perfect weather) was split by the will of Allah in front of the Quraish to show His miraculous signs. Wow, I’m just in an awe right now just imagining Jannah. *major sigh* May Allah make us amongst the people of Jannah. 

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