Ya subhanAllah, such an inspiring and heartwarming lecture! One of the best that I have ever heard. May Allah (swt) grant Omar Suleiman’s mother the highest level of Jannah without any judgment. Please take the time to watch this, share, and make duaa for her. 

"Look for those heros in your home, look for those people that you love. Look for the people that have that amazing, exalted character that are always smiling and never harmed anyone. Try to emulate that. It’s easy to emulate the other stuff and remember your parents in your duaa. Do not ever forget them. Remember the favor that they did for you for bringing you up to Islam." ~Omar Suleiman

"And lower to them the wing of humbleness out of mercy and say; ‘My Lord, have mercy upon them, as they raised me up when I was a child.’ ~Surat Al-Israa 17:24

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