There are 11 converts that each gave their conversion story individually. Hearing these Muslim convert’s stories truly touched my heart, and we really don’t know how hard it is for them to enter a new religion. If you see any new Muslims at your Masjid (mosque), then partially “adopt” them into your family. The convert experience is basically one of isolation and loneliness. You’d be surprised to know that most converts are outright ignored by the people in the Masjid. Beyond a few pleasantries and handshakes, they are usually never made to feel welcome or accepted. They are often cut off from their non-Muslim friends and relatives so they are doubly vulnerable. A new convert should be invited into various people’s home for dinner a minimum of six times a month. Get together with others and make sure you all put the new convert on your guest list for any sort of gathering. Don’t just forget about them after they take their shahada, they have emotions too, and it’s really difficult to cope with their families, so be there for them, and constantly keep them in your prayers, and most important keep their families in your duaas.

One of my favorite events I have ever attended!!!!!  This is a new Video from ICNYU Conference 2011! Conver(t)sations: the Unheard Stories of Muslim Converts w/ Suhaib Webb, Khalid Latif, Raymond Brock Murray, Lisa Shah, William Caldwell, Gareth Bryant, Megan Putney, Whitney Terrill, Peter Abdul Malik, Cyrus McGoldrick & Jay Dabhi

-Definitely, a MUST listen, it’s a reminder to all of us. :)

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